China is choosing a different approach to stimulus — is the world ready?

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook published a letter to Apple investors warning that the greater-than-expected economic deceleration in China would lead to end-of-year revenue shortfalls. Apple’s letter introduced the rest of the world to a situation that had been unfolding in China’s domestic economy since the middle of 2018: broad economic weakness across private industriesRead More

China is blocking World Bank report that calls for state-owned enterprise reform

China has delayed the publication of a report on its economy, written in conjunction with the World Bank, as it tries to tone down recommendations about reforming its state-owned enterprises and allowing more market-led principles to reign. The report, titled “New Drivers of Growth in China,” has been ready for a year, according to fourRead More

US-China trade deal would have to be ‘extremely far-reaching’ to calm the markets, JP Morgan strategists say

Global markets are enjoying some gains this week on hopes that Beijing and Washington will reach a trade agreement, but strategists at J.P. Morgan Asset Management are skeptical on whether anything significant will be resolved. Chinese and the U.S. officials concluded another round of trade talks Wednesday, which were extended into a third day —Read More

China is not the economic superpower people think. That’s why it’s important to wait it out.

The relationship between the United States and China has deteriorated with startling speed. An uneasy truce holds while the two governments try to negotiate an end to escalating trade hostilities, but a slide toward a new Cold War is a real possibility. President Trump rushed the United States down this path in haphazard fashion, butRead More

China’s economy ‘may be bending,’ but it’s not ‘breaking,’ JP Morgan says

Jing Ulrich, managing director and vice chairman for Asia Pacific at J.P. Morgan Chase, addresses the Chinese economy at CNBC’s East Tech West conference in the Nansha district of Guangzhou, China. She says the firm expects the country’s GDP growth to slow from 6.6 percent to 6.1 percent next year. Ulrich adds she hopes U.S.Read More

China expert Tim Murray says economy has reached the limits of stimulus

Before Tim Murray co-founded the edgy fraud-busting equity and macro research house, J Capital, and before he made headlines as the Labor candidate for the NSW seat of Wentworth, he could lay claim to another notable role: introducing China to the cooking of Jamie Oliver. Murray helped set up a media company that published the leadingRead More

Fact-Checking Trump’s Claims About the Chinese Economy

At a news conference, the president answered a question about healing national divides by saying, falsely, that he had forced China to back down from a plan to strengthen its manufacturing industry. WHAT TRUMP SAID: If you know, China has come down tremendously. Tremendously. China would have superseded us in two years as an economicRead More

Sieren’s China: Economic slowdown as Beijing hits the brakes

China is experiencing its weakest economic growth since the global financial crisis of 2008. Since the root causes are homemade, this is not an insurmountable problem, says DW’s Frank Sieren. Once again, there is great concern. Are we witnessing the locomotive of global growth heading toward a crash that will take us down with it? ThisRead More

Hayman Capital Management Founder & Chief Investment Officer Kyle Bass Speaks with CNBC’s David Faber Today-China related

Note: The University of Texas Investment Management Co. has created a set of guidelines compelling managers of its $31 billion in assets to divest from companies (esp. of China) with ties to entities sanctioned by the U.S. The following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with Hayman Capital Management Founder & ChiefRead More