‘Dual circulation’ strategy China’s message to US

The year 2016 was marked by a strong wave of right-wing populism, isolationism, protectionism, and anti-globalization on both sides of the Atlantic. The current...

China is holding a fake economy to prevent a collapse

Chinese stocks climbed to a two-year high on Monday after the country's central bank announced $101 billion in new stimulus measures.

China facing food shortage after months of flooding, infestations

Xi's description of food waste as 'shocking and distressing' could portend looming food shortage.

‘Everything is gone.’ Flooding in China ruins farmers and risks rising...

"The crops have completely failed," Bao told CNN Business in an interview over the social media app WeChat, adding that his family has already lost roughly 200,000 yuan ($28,000) worth of produce. "The rice was nearly ripened and ready to harvest before the flooding. But now everything is gone."

China economy cover up: Economist uncovers ‘impossible’ figures reported by Beijing

CHINA may well be distorting its economic statistics as some analysts point to serious flaws within the country's recovery following COVID-19.

What the potential crisis on the Yangtze means for China and...

As if 2020 has not been sufficiently crisis-laden for the People’s Republic of China, it now faces the potential for major catastrophe due to massive rains.

China pursues economic self-reliance as external risks grow: advisers

China is looking to reduce its reliance on overseas markets and technology for its economic development, government advisers say, as U.S. hostility and a global pandemic increase external risks that could hamper longer-term progress.

Xi speeds up China’s inward economic pivot

President Xi Jinping is accelerating his push for a China that can stand on its own feet as mounting pressure at home and abroad exposes the vulnerability of Beijing’s economic model.

China faces financial ruin: Fresh COVID-19 outbreaks and severe flooding hit...

CHINA could face serious economic consequences as fresh cases of the coronavirus and severe flooding are likely to delay the country's economic recovery, analysts have claimed.

Don’t believe in China’s economic data: they are fake numbers

Buoyed by a construction boom, China’s economic recovery continued apace in July, new sentiment data suggested.