What You Need to Know About Chinese Central Government’s Digital Currency

The status of unofficial digital currency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, may decline. People may be reluctant to use them because the government-backed ones have come out. Digital currency uses peer-to-peer networks and does not go through a financial institution, like a bank.

China to expand digital currency pilot to 3 regions

China is planning a major expansion of testing for the central bank-led digital yuan, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Friday.

Currency weapon: The US dollar threat is becoming very real for...

China is very aware that if the US were to fully weaponise the dollar’s dominance it could cause chaos within its financial system.

China Banks Act to comply with Trump sanctions on Hong Kong

China’s largest state-run banks operating in Hong Kong are taking tentative steps to comply with U.S. sanctions imposed on officials in the city, seeking to safeguard their access to crucial dollar funding and overseas networks.

China’s biggest private companies warm to homeland IPOs as US trade...

"A good part of the Chinese economy is open," Bernstein said. "These companies now have a revenue stream post-COVID, so to speak, which makes them more palatable to go public."

Chinese banks urged to switch away from SWIFT

China should prepare for potential US sanctions by increasing the use of its own financial messaging network for cross-border transactions in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, according to a report from the investment banking unit of Bank of China.

Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange Won’t Find Love in London

HKEX has depended on a strategy of being the gateway to China through its stock and bond trading links.

Asia stocks tumble; Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen fall more than...

President Donald Trump said last week the U.S. is putting 10% tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods starting September 1.

China Lets Yuan Tumble Past 7 Per Dollar as Trade War...

The yuan plunged beyond 7 per dollar for the first time since 2008 amid speculation Beijing was allowing currency depreciation to counter President Donald Trump’s latest tariff threat.

Stock markets drop on new Trump China tariffs

European stock markets have fallen after the surprise decision by Donald Trump to impose new tariffs on a further $300bn of Chinese imports.