China turns more to green energy for power supply

China is gradually turning to renewable energy to reduce its dependency on traditional power supply which caused massive pollution. Currently, some 75% of the electricity in the country is still produced by coal fire, but the Government is consistent in developing green energy by investing in almost half of the world’s new photovoltaic installations lastRead More

Report on the Work of the Government 2017

政府工作报告 REPORT ON THE WORK OF THE GOVERNMENT ——2017年3月5日在第十二届全国人民代表大会第五次会议上 Delivered at the Fifth Session of the 12th National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China on March 5, 2017 国务院总理 李克强 Li Keqiang Premier of the State Council 各位代表: Esteemed Deputies, 现在,我代表国务院,向大会报告政府工作,请予审议,并请全国政协各位委员提出意见。 On behalf of the State Council, I will now report to you onRead More

How Australia has gone 25 years without a recession

WESTERN AUSTRALIA’S iron ore and Queensland’s coal were at the centre of Australia’s recent mining boom, stoked by the red-hot growth of China’s steelmaking industry. At its height about five years ago, mining investment accounted for 9% of national GDP. But as investment started to decline in 2013, Western Australia’s debt soared. At 6.5%, its unemployment is now Australia’sRead More

MOFCOM Comments on Foreign Trade Situation of China in January 2017

According to the statistics of the Customs, in January 2017, China’s total import and export value reached RMB2.18 trillion, with an increase of 19.6% year on year (the same below). Among this, the export reached RMB 1.27 trillion, with an increase of 15.9%, and the import reached RMB811.2 billion, with an increase of 25.2%. TheRead More

Australia’s economic conditions

Economic conditions Assessing Australian industry’s economic performance over the past financial year, focusing on international, domestic and industry-specific developments. In 2015–16, Australia celebrated 25 years of consecutive economic growth, second only to the Netherlands. Given the recent challenging international conditions, this is a remarkable achievement. Other advanced economies have struggled to return to pre-Global FinancialRead More

Why Australia: Benchmark Report

Why Australia: Benchmark Report Get your copy (source: Austrade) The 2017 Australia Benchmark Report provides rich data demonstrating why there is no better place than Australia to do business. The report examines six key reasons for investing in Australia – Growth, Industries, Talent, Location, Business and Innovation – and compares Australia’s credentials with other countries.Read More

World Economy Outlook 2017

Stagnant global trade, subdued investment, and heightened policy uncertainty marked another difficult year for the world economy. A moderate recovery is expected for 2017, with receding obstacles to activity in commodity-exporting emerging markets and developing economies. Weak investment is weighing on medium-term prospects across many emerging markets and developing economies. Although fiscal stimulus in majorRead More

Chinese in the United States

The list of metropolitan area with at least the total Chinese-American population of 25,000, as of the 2010-2014 American Community Survey. Rank MSA Region Chinese-Americans Percentage 1 New York-Newark-Jersey City Mid-Atlantic 717,812 3.6 2 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Pacific 509,822 3.9 3 San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward Pacific 449,336 10.1 4 San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara Pacific 162,466 8.6 5 Boston-Cambridge-NewtonRead More

Overseas born Aussies highest in over a century

The proportion of Australians who were born overseas has hit its highest point in over 120 years, with 28 per cent of Australia’s population born overseas, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). “Australia has traditionally had a high proportion of migrants, but we’ve now hit a peak not seenRead More