How Australia has gone 25 years without a recession

WESTERN AUSTRALIA’S iron ore and Queensland’s coal were at the centre of Australia’s recent mining boom, stoked by the red-hot growth of China’s steelmaking industry. At its height about five years ago, mining investment accounted for 9% of national GDP. But as investment started to decline in 2013, Western Australia’s debt soared. At 6.5%, its unemployment is now Australia’sRead More

Australian beef gaining popularity in China’s fifth-largest city

A young Chinese businessman who lived in Brisbane for three years is behind a string of Australian-style butcher shops popping up in Chengdu, China’s fifth-largest city. “I did eat a lot of beef when I was at uni in Queensland!” Ming Yang said. “I didn’t know beef was that good before I went to Australia,Read More

Australia’s economic conditions

Economic conditions Assessing Australian industry’s economic performance over the past financial year, focusing on international, domestic and industry-specific developments. In 2015–16, Australia celebrated 25 years of consecutive economic growth, second only to the Netherlands. Given the recent challenging international conditions, this is a remarkable achievement. Other advanced economies have struggled to return to pre-Global FinancialRead More

Why Australia: Benchmark Report

Why Australia: Benchmark Report Get your copy (source: Austrade) The 2017 Australia Benchmark Report provides rich data demonstrating why there is no better place than Australia to do business. The report examines six key reasons for investing in Australia – Growth, Industries, Talent, Location, Business and Innovation – and compares Australia’s credentials with other countries.Read More

Overseas born Aussies highest in over a century

The proportion of Australians who were born overseas has hit its highest point in over 120 years, with 28 per cent of Australia’s population born overseas, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). “Australia has traditionally had a high proportion of migrants, but we’ve now hit a peak not seenRead More

Chinese communities in Australia resent China’s rising influence

By Charis Chang DEBATE about China’s growing influence in Australia has become so heated within Chinese communities, they even have a nickname for those who put out government propaganda: “wu mao”. The phrase translates as “50 cent” and is a reference to speculation that the Chinese government pays 50 cents for each pro-government post inRead More

An Update on Chinese Investment in Australian Residential Real Estate

Chinese investors remain prominent relative to those from other countries but marginal compared with local buyers. More than a year of heightened compliance activity by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has yielded little evidence that foreign investment rules have been widely flouted. 1. Foreign buyers (not just those from China) currently account for 10.4 percentRead More

Bilateral relations: China and Australia

After establishing diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China in 1972, Australia established an embassy in Beijing in 1973. The Australia-China bilateral relationship is based on strong economic and trade complementarities, a comprehensive program of high-level visits and wide-ranging cooperation. Our bilateral political engagement is extensive, though both sides acknowledge that Australia and ChinaRead More

Australian exports and China’s transition

One of the most discussed issues facing the current global economic outlook is the status of China’s economic transition to a new growth model and a more market-based economy, along with the consequences of this shift for the world economy in general and China’s trading partners in particular1. The latest IMF forecast, for example, highlightsRead More

Australia’s relationship with China ‘could not be stronger’, Bishop says

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has emphasised the strength of Australia’s relationship with China after meeting with the country’s own Foreign Minister, Wang Yi. Australia and China’s foreign ministers have pledged to further strengthen the link between the two countries at a meeting in Canberra on Tuesday. Julie Bishop met with China’s foreign minister Wang YiRead More