India-Japan-Australia supply chain in the works to counter China

India, Japan and Australia have begun discussions on launching a trilateral Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) to reduce dependency on China, necessitated by Beijing’s aggressive political and military behaviour.

Chinese Companies Lack Resilience in Supply Chains

These companies had supply chain strategies to deliver experiences linked to key customer value propositions, such as sustainability, data privacy/security and customized delivery and service.

China’s foreign direct investment flows

Many commentators are saying that the rest of the world will now seek to reduce its connections to China, but the data tells a different story, Chunlai Chen and Christopher Findlay write.

Reshoring, restructuring, and the future of supply chains

Risks can be hidden in a supply chain, Simchi-Levi said, and aren’t always associated with a particular region. Overall, companies should focus less on location and more on stress tests.

Use Canton Fair to market products – Guangzhou Envoy

Currently, approximately 99 per cent of Ugandan traders and entrepreneurs have established contacts and purchase most of their goods from the Province. At the same time, the Canton Fair which is held twice a year and is the largest fair in China, attracts hundreds of Ugandan visitors and entrepreneurs to the Province every year.

Shares hit by Trump tariff threat to China

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told Fox News that the president's tweet was a warning."The president is, I think, issuing a warning here, that, you know, we bent over backwards earlier, we suspended the 25% tariff to 10 and then we've left it there.

What’s Missing From the U.S.-China Trade Deal

The key issue isn’t ownership structure, but the fact that foreign companies currently operate in China under a system of positive rather than negative limits.

China’s exports fall more than 20% in February; overall trade data...

China on Friday reported worse than expected trade data for the month of February, customs data showed amid Beijing's trade dispute with the U.S. Dollar-denominated exports plunged 20.7...

China says its 2018 trade surplus with the US was $323...

Despite U.S. President Donald Trump launching a high-stakes trade war against Beijing last year, China on Monday announced that its 2018 trade surplus with Washington was...

US and China resume trade talks with both eager for compromise

US and Chinese officials held their first face-to-face negotiations since a 90-day truce was declared in a trade war between Washington and Beijing, in the hope...